Considerations with Your Customer Service Team

Building a customer service team requires a few things in order to get it right with the customers. These things include hours of operation, response time, training, and much more. If you have made the decision to build a well experienced IT customer  support team in Dallas then you are on track to building a better business.2

Customer service is often the lifeline of a company if they are extremely busy with customer questions and calls. There are many things that you need to do when you provide a customer support team. You cannot just designate a person to answer the phones and respond to emails if they don’t know what they are doing. Here are a few points to help you build the best support team you can.
The hours of operation is very important with a customer support team. If you are located in a country other than the United States and the majority of your customers are in the US then the hours the customer service is available is very important. It must match at least the normal hours of operation in all time zones of the US. If customers have to stay up late at night to catch your team when they come in the morning then it will cause serious problems. The best customer support group is a team that is available during all hours of the day. If you choose to make it look like you are available all of the time with an answering machine then you need to be sure that the staff is responsive and calls customers back within the hour.12

Training is another factor that is a part of customer service and it cannot be overlooked. Employees need to be educated on the products and services you offer to the consumers. If you have a business selling artificial Christmas trees then the staff needs to know everything about them and how they work. This way, when a customer calls about the prelit Christmas trees and the bulbs not working the employee knows what to do. If you have someone on the phones that has no idea anything about the Christmas trees provided by the company then this is a problem and will only cause you to lose trust with the customers. Be sure to train staff on the company’s products and services at all times.

Response time is very important. Your customer service team may consist of one or two people at first. When things get busy or someone gets stuck on the phone other people may be calling. When this happens they need a way to leave a message or send an email as a request. You should teach the staff how to prioritize emails and questions and also respond in a timely manner. One way that companies are making use of their time for an adequate response to questions is by sending auto responders through email. These let the customer know the question was received and buys time for the agent to follow up or find the answer the customer is looking for.